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The NJCAA will host its fourth annual NJCAA Day on Thursday, Oct. 15 as a day to promote the association, its rich history, and the countless opportunities it holds. An annual event, NJCAA Day seeks to encourage member colleges, student-athletes, administrators, alumni, fans, and all those connected to the association to unite for a collective effort via social media. 

This year, the overarching theme for NJCAA Day, Forward as One, will focus on moving forward as a unified association after a challenging year where many championships and sport seasons were unable to transpire. As the time has arrived for member colleges to take the courts and fields, NJCAA programs are encouraged to showcase how they are preparing for the upcoming spring semester competition despite the unfathomed challenges encountered over the last seven months. 

During the initiative, the association will hear from NJCAA student-athletes and alumni as they offer encouragement and personal anecdotes from their time with the NJCAA, sharing how it's brought them to where they are today. With 82 years of traditions and triumphs, the NJCAA has been built on the unyielding actions of its membership. With over 500 member colleges across the nation, NJCAA Day is an opportunity to get involved and unify with others across the association. 

A number of templates included for specific social media platforms to utilize throughout NJCAA Day can be found in the NJCAA Day Marketing Toolkit.

Last year, NJCAA Day centered on the theme Opportunity to ServeMany NJCAA campuses rely heavily on the support of their local communities. The theme served as an opportunity for institutions to give back to those who support student-athletes both on the competitive playing areas and in the classroom.