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KCKCC Men's Golf All Conference

Year Athlete Honor
2022 Colby Unruh Honorable Mention All-Conference
2016 Colton Allen Honorable Mention All-Conference
2015 Charlie Rinehart Second Team All Conference
    Second Team All Region 6
  Marc McClain Second Team All Conference
    First Team All Region 6
  Alex Forristal First Team/Medalist All Region 6
  Montana Fasching First Team All Region 6
  Seve Sites First Team All Region 6
2014 Blake Seve Sites NJCCC Honorable Mention All Conference
  Lane Pauls NJCCC 2nd Team All Conference
  Charlie Rinehart KJCCC First Team All Conference
2011 Cole Murrin Second-Team All-Conference
    First-Team District 3
    First-Team Region 6
  Patrick Shaw Second-Team Region 6
    Second-Team District 3
  Trace McDiffett Honorable Mention All-Conference
  Luke Gordon Second-Team Region 6
2010 Ben Moser First-Team All-Conference
    First-Team District 3
  Nate Dechand Honorable Mention All-Conference
2009 Brice Quinlan First-Team All-Conference
  Tyler Harper Honorable Mention All-Conference
  Dereck Ashte Honorable Mention All-Conference
2008 Evan Monheiser Honorable Mention All-Conference
2007 Matt Winslow Second-Team All-Conference
  Shane Collins Honorable Mention All-Conference
2006 Garrett Smith First-Team All-Region/District
  Matt Winslow First-Team All-Region/District
  Shane Collins First-Team All-Region/District
2005 Zach Herzog Second-Team All-Conference
  John Grub First-Team All-Region/District
  Zach Althaus First-Team All-Region/District
  Travis Gardner First-Team All-Region/District
  Garrett Smith Honorable Mention All-Conference
2004 Blake Groves First-Team All-Conference
2003 Ryan Wiss Second-Team All-Conference
  Blake Groves Honorable Mention All-Conference
2001 Jonathan Ziolo First-Team All-Conference
2000 J.W. Vandenborn First-Team All-Conference
  Brandon Morris First-Team All-Conference
1999 Brandon Morris Second-Team All-Conference
  Scott Siglar Honorable Mention All-Conference
1998 Ryan Kreisler First-Team All-Conference
    Second-Team All-Region/District
  Brent Mertz Second-Team All-Conference
    Second-Team All-Region/District
  Ryan Wilson Second-Team All-Conference
  Matt Dunn Honorable Mention All-Conference
    Second-Team All-Region/District
  Matt Dallmeyer Honorable Mention All-Conference
  Matt Dillingham Second-Team All-Region/District
1997 Jon Hunt First-Team All-Conference
  Matt Dallmeyer Second-Team All-Conference
1996 Michael Frost First-Team All-Conference
    Region 6 Champion
  Wade McPheeters Second-Team All-Conference
  Dustin Lee Second-Team All-Conference
  T.J. Symons Second-Team All-Conference
1995 Robert Russell Conference Champion
    Region 6 Champion
    First-Team All-Region/District
    First-Team All-Conference
  Michael Frost Conference Runner-Up
    First-Team All-Conference
  Joe Mortallaro Second-Team All-Conference
  Dustin Lee Second-Team All-Conference
1994 Robert Russell Conference Champion
    First-Team All-Region/District
    First-Team All-Conference
  Joe Mortallaro First-Team All-Conference
1993 Justin Stroud First-Team All-Conference
    First-Team All-Region/District
  Jeff O'Neal First-Team All-Conference
    First-Team All-Region/District
  Jeff Crecko First-Team All-Conference
    First-Team All-Region/District
  Eric Thornsteinson Honorable Mention All-Conference
  Eric Reisner Honorable Mention All-Conference
1992 Justin Stroud First-Team All-Conference
    Region 6 Champion
  Jeff O'Neal First-Team All-Region/District
1991 Jamie Schmitt Conference Champion
    Region 6 Champion
1990 Chuck Lyons First-Team All-Region/District
  Damon Anderson Second-Team All-Region/District
  Mike Gotcher Second-Team All-Region/District
  Steve Anderson Second-Team All-Region/District
  Chris Nelson Second-Team All-Region/District
1989 Damon Anderson First-Team All-Conference
  Mike Gotcher Second-Team All-Conference
  Chris Nelson Honorable Mention All-Conference
  Kerry Pace Honorable Mention All-Conference
1981 Rod Atkin Region 6 Champion
  Eric Lashbrook Region 6 Runner-Up
    First-Team All-Region/District
  Chip DeMoss Honorable Mention All-Region/District
1980 Clyde Metler First-Team All-Region/District
  Dan Mullen First-Team All-Region/District
1978 Rick Volding First-Team All-Conference
    Honorable Mention All-American
  Doug Maddox Honorable Mention All-Conference
1977 Rick Volding First-Team All-Conference
    Medalist Champion
    First-Team All-Region/District
  Mike Moore 5th Place
    First-Team All-Region/District
1972 Mark Coble Region Champion
1971 Dave Brewer Region Champion