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KCKCC Baseball All Conference

KCKCC Baseball      
Year Honor First Last
2022 2nd Team All-Conference Brendyn Bard
  2nd Team All-Conference, Gold Glove Caleb  Adams
  2nd Team All-Conference Arlen Peters
  HM All-Conference Parker Bosserman
  HM All-Conference Matt Buffington
  HM All-Conference Cole Dawson
  HM All-Conference Darius Freeman
  HM All-Conference Pablo  Sanchez
  HM All-Conference Tre Simmons
2021 2nd Team All-Conference, Gold Glove Cole Slibowski
  2nd Team All-Conference Palmer Hutchison
  2nd Team All-Conference Logan Barnhard
  HM All-Conference Ray Paniagua
  HM All-Conference Caleb Adams
  HM All-Conference, Gold Glove Chase Terrell
  Gold Glove Cole  Dawson
2019 Second Team All-Conference Tyler Henry
  Second Team All-Conference Jose Sosa
  Second Team All-Conference Orlando Ortiz
  Second Team All-Conference, Gold Glove Osvaldo Mendez
  HM All-Conference Eduardo Acosta
  HM All-Conference Keper Bednar
  HM All-Conference Eric Hinostroza
  HM All-Conference Kevin Santiago
2018 Second Team All-Conference Rorey Combs
  Second Team All-Conference Cole Gacke
  HM All-Conference Brandon Still
  HM All-Conference Kevin Santiago
  HM All-Conference Josh Schumacher
2017 First Team All-Conference, First Team All-Region Alex Phillips
  Second Team All-Conference Easton Fortuna
  Second Team All-Conference Tyler Pittman
  Second Team All-Conference Shae Stephens
  Second Team All-Conference Corey Cowan
  HM All-Conference Albert Woodard
  HM All-Conference Josh Schumacker
  HM All-Conference Chase Redick
  HM All-Conference Jacob Purl
  HM All-Conference Julian Rivera


1st Team All Conference Outfield Eli Lovell
  1st Team All Region Outfield    
  2nd Team All Conference 1B Conor Behrens
  Conference Gold Glove Winner at 1B    
  2nd Team All Conference 3B Travis Stroup
  HM All Conference Catcher Drew Holtgrieve
  HM All Conference SS LA Woodard
  HM All Conference OF Ryan Fisher
  HM All Conference Pitcher Brandon Reid
  HM All Conference Pitcher Jake Purl
  HM All Conference Relief Pitcher Avery Fliger
2015 NJCAA Baseball ABCA Rawling Golden Glove Award @ First Base Tanner Foerschler
  2nd Team All Conference 1B    
  2nd Team All Conference 3B Travis  Stroup
  2nd Team All Conference Outfield Alex Thrower
  HM All Conference 2B Sam Baxter
  HM All Conference SS Landon  Mason
  HM All Conference Outfield Eli Lovell
  HM All Conference Pitcher Jonathan May 
2014 1st Team All Conference Catcher Garrett McKinzie
  2nd Team All-Region 6 Catcher    
  2nd Team All Conference 3B Daniel LaMunyon
  2nd Team All Conference OF Luke  Norton
  2nd Team All Conference Pitcher Geoffrey Birkemeier
  2nd Team All Conference Pitcher EJ Merlo
  HM All Conferenec SS Zane Mapes
  HM All Conference OF Christian Arnold
  HM All Conference Pitcher Hunter  Phillips
2013 All-Region Zac Butler
  3rd Team All-American Pitcher    
  2nd Team All-Conference Garrett  McKinizie
  2nd Team All-Conference Dean  Long
  Honorable Mention All Conference Jacob  Woods
2012 All-Conference Shaun Williams
  2nd Team All-Conference Jacob  Woods
  Honorable Mention Dean  Long
2011 All-Conference Dave  Richards
  Honorable Mention Hunter  Johnson
    Lendon  Ehlmann
2010 2nd Team All-Conference Dale Ricketts
2009 Honorable Mention Blake  Stroth
2008 All-Region Mitch Handley
  All-Conference Zack  Theadman
    Mitch Handley
2007 All-Region Mike Sharp
    Tom  Myers
  All-Conference Mike Sharp
    Tom Myers
  Honorable Mention Brennen Auerbach
2006 Honorable Mention Ryan  Fawks
    Jake Bradshaw
    Brett Mize
2005 All-Region Jake  Dean
  All-Conference Jimmy  Mojica
    Bill Sharp
    Jake  Dean
    Derek Allison
  2nd Team All-Conference Grant Kohlstaedt
  Honorable Mention Joe Juarez
2004 Freshman of the Year Jimmy  Mojica
  All-Conference Jimmy  Mojica
    Jake Dean
    Derek Allison
  2nd Team All-Conference Bill Sharp
2003 All Conference Mike Klug
    Cody Allison
1978 All-Region Rick  Slater
1977 All-Region Mark  Harrison
    Steve  Rezin
    Brian Shore
  All-Conference Steve  Rezin
    Mark  Harrison
    Brian Shore
1976 Central District Jeff Watson
    Gregg Creten
  All-Region Jeff Watson
    Gregg Creten
    Mark  Harrison
  All-Conference Jeff Watson
    Gregg Creten
    Ken Harvey
    Mark  Harrison
    Barry Davies
1975 All-Region Jeff Watson
    Gregg Creten
1974 All-Region Mark  Jarvis