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KCKCC Softball All Americans

Year   Athlete Individual Team
2021   Bradi Basler First Team All-American  
2019   Kaylee Arnzen 1st Team Academic  
    Gracie Gentry 1st Team Academic  
    Shaylyn Grosstephan 1st Team Academic  
    Devon Purcell 2nd Team Acadmeic  
    Hannah Redick 1st Team Academic  
    Alexis Rymer 3rd Team Academic  
    Brittney Smith 1st Team Academic  
2016   Kaylynn Stratton NJCAA Pinnacle Academic Achievement (4.0)  
    Makayla Foskett NJCAA Pinnacle Academic Achievement (4.0)  
    Megan Carlson NJCAA Exemplary Academic Achievement  
    Savannah Dungan NJCAA Exemplary Academic Achievement  
    Tiffany Killam NJCAA Exemplary Academic Achievement  
2015   Justice Scales NJCAA Superior Academic Achievement  
    Lauren Vanderheiden NJCAA Superior Academic Achievement  
        All-Academic Team (3.47 GPA)
2014   Leslie Ford NJCAA Exemplary Academic Achievement (3.68)  
        Academic All American Team
2012   Chelsea Brewer NJCAA Exemplary Academic Achievement (3.69)  
        All-Academic Team (3.25 GPA)
2011   Keasla Hundley NJCAA Exemplary Academic Achievement (3.64)  
2009   Caitlin Bowlin NJCAA Academic All-American (3.73)  
2008   Courtney Simanowitz NJCAA Distinguished All-American (3.82)  
    Rachel Oswald NJCAA Academic All-American (3.61)  
2004   Dana Dunsmore Academic All American  
    Becky Phillips Academic All American  
    Kristy Vance Distinguished All American  
2003   Kaleena Michieli All American  
1995   Nicole Haen Academic All American  
    Melissa Eckerman All American  
1994   Kathleen Myszka All American  
    Angie Fiatte All American  
1980   Peggy Hopkins All American Catcher